When looking for a home we weren't too concerned with what the interior looked like. We knew we would want to come in and renovate the home to our own style anyways. Here are photos of the home from our initial walk through with some notes about what we plan to do! 

In all of the rooms we are planning on painting the walls, installing new baseboards/ trim, potentially installing wood planked ceilings to cover the existing textured ceilings and adding woven shades on the windows for privacy. 

The wall between the living room and kitchen is coming down! Also, we eventually want to take down the door to the basement and possibly open the wall in between the kitchen and the stairway to create a more open feel. 

Cabinets are being painted, some of the upper cabinets will be taken down to install open shelving, a large island will be placed in the center of the room with seating and butcher block countertops will hopefully be happening! 

The wall of cabinets will be coming down! I will admit though.. these cabinets have come in handy for keeping all of our tools for the renovation off of the floor! ; )

These walls were covered in layers of wallpaper and on top of that someone added brown packing paper and painted over them to add some serious texture! Somehow.. someway..  these walls will be smooth again! 

We would like to eventually refigure the layout of the bathroom and move the washer and dryer downstairs, but for now the laundry is behind the bi-fold doors. Once things are moved around we are planning on painting, adding a new vanity, mirror, etc...

All of the bedrooms are getting painted, new baseboards/ trim, planked ceilings, light fixtures, closet hardware, etc. 

The previous owners used this smaller bedroom as a dining room. We think it's the perfect size for an office though!

These walls look like they are wallpapered. Thankfully it is paint though!

Here's a concept board I created for the house. It shows the neutral color palette and use of natural materials and textures I am wanting to bring into the space! It will be very interesting to see how our vision for the home develops as we continue to work on the space.

We are considering creating a blog devoted to documenting this renovation that would share detailed drawings, how to instructions, video post, etc. Would you be interested in following along? If so, what types of things would you be most interested in us sharing?