I'm so excited to be able to share a little peak of the progress that is happening at our new home!  We have been waiting for the day that we could buy a home, completelyyyy tear it apart and then rebuild it to our personal taste! That time has come! And it is here in full swing! Some of you may know that my husband, Brian, is the most talented person there ever was. He owns a woodworking company, The Woodshop Nashville, and is heading up all the construction on our new house. If you see anything that we are doing that you would like done at your own home I may let you borrow him. ; )

As a designer, I of course had the floor plan of our new home measured and put into CAD before we even put an offer on the home. It's important to be able to see exactly what space you are working with and its potential. You can see photos of the home from our first walk through here. I explained in my previous home post that we weren't too concerned with what the inside of the home looked like since we wanted to redo everything to our own aesthetic anyways. 

We've decided to start the renovation in our bedroom! We are adding wood plank ceilings, new trim, painting walls/ ceiling/ trim and doors, installing new door knobs, new outlet plates, ceiling fan and flooring! 

Below you can see our concept board for the room. We're painting the ceiling and trim a color similar to the top left photo and the walls white. The carpet has been torn up (!!!) and new seagrass flooring will replace it! We plan on adding lots of wood, natural fibers and pattern fabrics to warm up the space.

Also, I'm pretty obsessed with the headboard shown below. I may need to recreate this! 

Today I have details on our wood plank ceiling to share!

This is a photo of our textured ceilings. It's not the worst thing ever, but definitely not our favorite! We first tried to scrape it off, but that was taking longer than expected and it would have been a complete mess!! As well as taking a lot of work to repair/ repaint the ceiling after the texture was gone. SO…. we decided to install wood plank ceilings! Adding this wood element to the room has created a much more cozy and inviting space!

I can't tell you how excited I was to see this go up! We used 1" x 6" x 8' tongue and groove boards from Home Depot. These boards are actually used for wainscoting! On one side of the wood is more traditional beaded molding however on the other side is just flat material. Home depot along with many other places sell tongue and groove boards for ceiling and other applications, but we ended up choosing this because it fit into our budget and it was pretty simple to work with. We also decided to go with this material because the tongue and groove allows the wood to expand and contract during warm and cold weather. So we won't have to deal with the wood cracking and will have less issues with the material down the road. 

Since we knew we would be using a lot of this paint we purchased a 5 gallon bucket. The only problem with this is that the paint color we chose ended up looking very different in the small sample compared to when we got the 5 gallons. It looked like we were going to have a silver/ purple ceiling. We ended up taking it back and having them re-tint the paint which left us with a much darker grey than I had original planned, but we ended up loving it! 

Here's the paint color after being re-tinted!

Adding trim… The trim we picked was just to use 1" x 4" pine. We love the clean lines that it leaves and with it being a 1" x 4" which is really a 3/4" x 3.5" it makes a statement without being too overbearing. 

After adding the 1" x 4" we then decided the trim could use a little more depth so we added a second piece of molding. The second piece of molding we added was just a small 1/2" x 3/4" piece of wood. It really helped take it from just a simple 1" x 4" trim to something way more custom and we love the look of it. 

Finally the ceiling is finished and the hubs is installing the new ceiling fan!

Stay tuned for photos of the rest of the room!! After we finish the master bedroom we are moving across the hall and working on the office!


For more details or any questions please feel free to leave us a comment and we will answer it as soon as we can!