After a lot of de-texturizing the walls, pulling down wallpaper, wood planking the ceiling, repairing walls, adding a board & batten wall treatment, changing light fixture placement, adding new lights, switching to a nest thermostat, building a new air return cover, new door hardware, painting, etc... our hallway renovation is complete!

Also, we visited the nashville humane society this week and walked out with a cat. She thought you would want to meet her and insisted on being in all of these pictures!

This has to be one of my favorite parts about home improvement projects.. the before and after photos!! All the time spent working on it pays off when we get to look at this view everyday compared to that before photo! The biggest trick is to remember to take the before pictures :)

I know I talked quite a bit about our board in batten in my last post, but I just can't get over how great it looks! So happy with the results and even if our walls weren't a complete disaster I would have still chosen this wall treatment! You can check out my previous post about our board and batten process!

I really didn't like that the focal point as you walk down our hall is an air return vent, but this custom return cover looks a million times better than the old and dingy one that was there when we moved in! It is held up with rare earth magnets so its super easy to still be able to change the air filter and looks so much better! If you're interested in this air return leave me a comment and maybe I can get my husband to make a tutorial or maybe make one for you. ;)

If you know me.. you know that I love white! Adding this jute rug though really helps to make the space feel more warm and inviting as well as adding great texture! I had this jute rug cut and bound by a local carpet company, but here's a similar one at a great deal!

We love the look of the NEST thermostat and have already seen improvements in our utility bills! We received it as a christmas present and we were really excited to put it up from all the great things that we have heard about it! It does live up to the hype and it's extremely convenient with the app functionality! I highly recommend it as a house upgrade for yourself and your pocket. You can buy one here!

These lights helped immensely in changing the look and feel in this space. Lighting selections are a great place to add character to a room. We got these on sale and ended up paying $49.95 for each. The Edison bulbs are a really great look as well as putting off a great amount of light. Running the wiring to add an extra light may seem a little overwhelming, but as long as you know what you're doing, or in my case have a handy husband that does, it is totally worth it. Paying attention to lighting is key in creating a great atmosphere. No one likes a dark hallway!

We still have a long way to go in our remodel, but looking at the before and after photos of this hall is helping to keep us motivated! If you're like us and are on a budget, especially for house remodeling, it's always important to stay patient and have a plan. A plan of attack for our other space helps to keep us moving forward and gives us the flexibility to move at a pace that we can afford and enjoy the process as we go along!