Concept Board : Global Oasis

I believe the place to start a project is by getting inspired!

Concept boards will serve as the foundation of your projects. A thoughtfully curated board should spark excitement, define the mood and create a clear vision for your space. It should also offer guidance and help influence your decisions throughout the renovation process to create a cohesive space. For example, it can help you to choose the most fitting flooring option, paint colors, architectural details, upholstery fabrics, light fixtures, cabinet pulls, etc.

Tip— You can pull whatever you want as inspiration! It doesn’t have to be a photo of someone else’s home. It could be a dress you love the color of, a painting that has interesting movement, a photo from a vacation that has the exact feel you would like to recreate in your home. . . . get creative!

Since I feel so strongly about this phase of the process, I’ve created a free collection of concept boards that you can use to inspire your own projects at home! These will be saved under the TOOLS section of my site.

I’d love to see how you use these pieces of inspiration to influence your own spaces! You can share your projects using the hashtag #ATDCONCEPTBOARD or tagging us in your post on social media!

**Scroll down for direct links to some of the individual products shown on the board! I try and include a lot of small businesses and individual artist’s work!

Global Oasis

This board showcases a warm neutral color palette, with lots of texture and playful geometric patterns!I

concept board 1.jpg
  1. Fringe Faux Leather Pendant

  2. Acrylic Diptych Painting of Black & White Flower

  3. Taupe Batik Lumbar

  4. Silver African Stripe Throw Pillow

  5. Arabesque Pickets Cement Tile

  6. Faux Potted Pancake Plant

  7. Matte Gray Tapered Jar

  8. Gray & Cream Wool Rug

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Leave a comment below if you have any more questions about how you can effectively use a concept board for your project!

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