just when you thought target couldn’t get any better… they go and up their furniture game once again! i mean, look at these chairs! so good. i would put all of these in my home if i had the space or if i thought my husband wouldn’t think i had completely lost it! ha

if you’re in the market for some new seating and want help deciding if one of these chairs would be a good fit in your space… i’m your girl! just shoot me an email (hello@amandatotorodesign.com) or post a photo on instagram (use #atdesignideas) of your space that you think could use a new accent chair and I’ll help you decide if one of these twelve styles would be a good fit!

p.s. some of these chairs are way on sale right now!

p.s.s. my mom has two of the #3 chairs and they are seriously even better in person.

click on the chair numbers below for the direct links!